What the critics are saying about WHEN STAND-UP STOOD OUT

"...Solomita's film captures a truly edgy, special time during Boston's golden years of comedy... It was faster and louder than any place in the country... seeing the candid interviews and rare footage is as rewarding as it is hilarious."
Katie Johnston -- The Boston Globe

"A tale told with a ton of heart chronicling the epic rise and fall of the country's celebrated comedy hot spot loaded with authentic talent. This was a grassroots scene of intense vitality and integrity, with classic, in-your-face comedy that could only happen here. Solomita emphasizes the camaraderie without mawkishness, showing long drives to out of town gigs, sometimes 4 or 5 comedians to a car, documented with a hilarious front seat exchange about where to stop for booze... The lights came up to a rousing applause."
Robin Vaughan -- Boston Herald

"An irreverent documentary that is a combination of objective history and personal journey, packing in priceless onstage clips and injecting authentic mood with a vintage soundtrack. The legacy of this intense Boston comedy scene of the 1980s is still felt today."
Paul Sherman -- Improper Bostonian

"When Stand-Up Stood Out provides the perfect antidote to Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedian', as this 78 minute roller coaster packs way more spunk, laughs, and true drama, capturing an entire generation of creative talent during a once in a lifetime moment of Beantown history. An important story in comedy that will appeal to a national audience because of its honesty and structure...very engaging and fun to watch."
Bret Kerr -- Planetbret.com

"One of the finest stand-up hotbeds of the modern era is captured in this film. It's a blast to watch this mini-revolution of sorts, and the mad partying that became a hallmark of the scene, as we're privy to the questionable goings-on at a comedy frat/boarding house dubbed 'The Barracks'. The present day interviews are humorous, detailed and entertaining, and this documentary gives us a view into one of the most influential markets during a crucial period in a fascinating business. The heavily attended Premiere screening was wildly successful."
Brian Mckim -- Sheckymagazine.com